8.00 Chair's Opening Remarks

Developing Technologies to Enable Antibodies to Cross the BBB

8.15 Protein Engineering of FC5 for Enhanced & Sustained CNS Exposure of Neuro-therapeutic Antibodies

Thomas Cameron
Associate Director, Biologics Drug Discovery

8.45 Clinical Efficacy of Antibody-enzyme Fusion Proteins as Carrier Platform to Transport Lysosomal Enzymes Across the BBB for the Treatment of Mucopolysaccharidosis Type I

Mathias Schmidt
Chief Executive Officer

9.15 Speed Networking

This session is the ideal opportunity to meet face-to-face with the key thought leaders working in the CNS field. Specifically designed to connect you with new contacts from the most active companies in the field, the renowned Speed Networking session will be one of the most valuable hours you will spend at B3DD.


10.00 Morning Refreshments

Modeling the BBB to Predict Drug Delivery Efficiency

11.00 BBB Organoids: A Model for Investigating CNS Drug Delivery

Choi-Fong Cho
Instructor in Neurosurgery
Harvard Medical School

11.30 Assessing Microphysiological Models of the BBB

Graham Marsh
Scientist I, Translational Biology

12.00 Lunch & Networking

Measuring Target Exposure to Assess Drug Delivery Method Success

1.00 Employing in vivo Microdialysis & Microperfusion Methods to Understand Brain Disposition of Biologics for the Treatment of CNS Disorders

Mario Mezler
Principle Scientist

1.30 Reviewing Pharmacodynamic Models for Evaluating Brain Exposure of Bi-specific Antibodies

Danica Stanimirovic
Director, Translational Bioscience Department, Human Health Therapeutics Research Centre
National Research Council of Canada

2.00 Afternoon Refreshments & Networking

Bypassing the BBB to Deliver Therapeutics Effectively to the CNS

3.00 The Pathway from Preclinical Studies to the Clinic of an Intranasally Administered Amnion Cell-Derived Biologic that Bypasses the BBB

Larry Brown
Executive Vice President & Chief Scientific Officer
Noveome Biotherapeutics

3.30 Preclinical Development of an Intrathecally-Delivered ASO to Treat Spinal Muscular Atrophy

Kenneth S. Loveday, Principal Investigator, Biogen

4.15 Chair's Closing Remarks

4.30 Scientific Poster Session

The learning and networking continues at the Poster Session, an informal part of the conference agenda, allowing you to connect with your peers in a relaxed atmosphere and continue to forge new, beneficial relationships. You will have the opportunity to present and review presentations displaying new data from CNS drug delivery approaches, such as novel strategies and advances in clinical development.